Alpha-Bytes Ep. 14| N is for Nerd

There’s a nerd alert going off at Alpha-Bytes. Raysan and Zachary host a round-table discussion about what is popularly called “nerd-dom.” Why are nerds so passionate? How did the fringe sub-cultures become mainstream and how does that affect its artistic integrity? Why won’t Hollywood showcase Asian superheroes? Worst episode ever!

N is for Nerd

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*We apologize for the less-than-desirable sound quality. There were some unresolvable technical issues but we did our best.

**Zachary is aware of his mistakes. For the nerd record Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is Pakistani, not Indian, and as luck would have it immediately after recording he recalled several comic books with Asian leads, but the episode had to be cut at some point.


Alpha-Bytes Ep. 12 | L is for Legality

How should we differentiate between morality and legality? Does the effectiveness of a law matter or is it purely an expression of desired values? Is there any merit to harm-reduction theory or decriminalization? Raysan and Zachary (joined by the self-proclaimed “podcast supervillain”) evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of traditional systems in another controversial episode.

L is for Legality

Alpha-Bytes Ep. 10 | J is for Jail

It’s another tough conversation, and we aren’t shying away from it. We examine the disenfranchisement and downward spiral that follows incarceration, as well as consider questions of justice and punishment. Omar Shabazz joins us again to re-imagine the jail system.

“Jail is often a finishing school for criminals.” -Omar Shabazz

J is for Jail

Alpha-Bytes Ep. 9 | I is for Internet

It is everyone and no one. It is anything and everything so of course we are diving in deep. Author and media manager Micah Lambert joins the conversation on how the Internet is shaping culture. We discuss proper internet use and etiquette, setting healthy limits, and living in a jet-ski age.

I is for Internet