Alpha-Bytes Ep. 3 | C is for Christianity

How have politics and religion become intertwined and what is the effect? We discuss what being a Christian should look like ideally vs. what we often see. The debate gets heated. Thank you to special guest Omar Shabazz for bringing the matches.

C is for Christianity


New Jim Crow

In the last episode we mentioned the “new Jim Crow” that is affecting black Americans today. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to discuss any specific examples. How is the “new Jim Crow” affecting black people today? How should we fight it? One such example is the over-incarceration of people of color. To find out more click here to go to Michelle Alexander’s website and book.


We hope you enjoyed the first episode. (Quick fact check for those who listen closely: the Magna Carta was written 500 years before the Declaration of Independence, not 700.) In the interest of sparking conversation, here is a followup question. In a country with a permeable constitution, what if anything may be considered “anti-American?”