Alpha-Bytes Ep. 7 | G is for Guns

Raysan and Zachary are joined by special guest Eric Cope, a.k.a. Pop, for a friendly debate on the most controversial topic yet. Together they seek common ground in an attempt to define the role of firearms in American society and discuss modeling responsible ownership.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals therein. Alpha-Bytes Podcast has no official stance on the issue. We strived to present this discussion in an unbiased way recognizing that it is a highly controversial topic. Every aspect from the title to the description to how we edited the conversation was done with meticulous care. It is by-far the most difficult episode we have so far undertaken, and like all episodes of Alpha-Bytes we remind you that although we research our topics, we are not experts in any sense of the word, nor are we attempting to persuade our listeners to agree or disagree with any given perspective, rather we discuss different views to broaden our own worldviews by understanding those other than ours.

G is for Guns



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